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Yoga & Meditation Classes

Liz offers a diverse menu of classes to provide something for everyone:


Vinyasa Yoga: A practice that coordinates breath and movement flowing from one posture to the next in a sequence that energizes and builds strength and flexibility


Yin Yoga: A floor-based practice that utilizes props to achieve long, deep holds that

 are beneficial to the joints and help lubricate connective tissue in the body


Prenatal Yoga: Specialized classes for pregnant women who want to stay strong, calm and flexible and prepare for birth along with enjoying some “me” time


Children’s Yoga: Classes tailored to the age group of the students as well as any special needs


Family Yoga: Fun with poses and games for the whole family


Yoga Nidra: Known as “yogic sleep,” this is a guided meditation practice that guides the student through different layers of awareness to promote deep relaxation


Clases en español: Para los alumnos que hablan español, Liz ofrece clases privadas o através de Alas/ Wellness House (vea la información abajo)

Contact Liz

Please reach out to set up a virtual, private or group private yoga or meditation class.

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